Flea Free Please

November 24, 2022 Heather Murphy

Ahh fleas - such BIG business for such a tiny little creature.The power of this little creature can cause havoc in the household, on your pet and for you.For a dog with a Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD) just one flea bite can be enough to cause a reaction. Some dogs can be allergic to the bite (the flea saliva), some to the faeces and others to the eggs

Eezapet & Pawtect - be flea free

A Bath Soak for my Allergy Dog

August 04, 2022 Heather Murphy

I never thought that one of my own dogs would reach the state of being a chronic allergy sufferer. But we understand what it is like to have an itchy dog, it can be so stressful with sleepless nights and worry and that's why we write tips to help you through. Have a yeasty, itchy and smelly dog? Read more on how the bath soak can be highly beneficial to the allergy dog.

Bath Soaks for the allergy dogs

The Life Of An Allergy Dog And 9 Recommendations

August 04, 2022 Heather Murphy

In 2012 when I was researching the pet allergy market it was 1:7 dogs that suffered with the itch, in 2022 it's more like 1 in 3 dogs that are itchy dogs. Can stress be a factor? What causes allergies in dogs? Read about the life of an allergy dog, and our top 9 recommendations for a happier, healthier allergy dog Bhindi the allergy dog

All From A Dog Called Coco

June 01, 2021 Heather Murphy

All from a little red rescue pup
How one little red, rescue dog impacted the lives of so many. The dog that had a lot to answer for.  This little red dog was born at the SPCA, then spent a few weeks in foster care where she got her name - Coco after Coco Chanel. How apt for this little princess. It wasn't long after that she started presenting in rashes, red, itchy and sore....

You Are What You Eat

October 01, 2020 Heather Murphy

Heal you dog with raw food

I’ve been writing blogs for dogs for a number of years now and my purpose is to share information – information I have learnt on the way. 

For the parent of an allergy pet it can be so tough, the endless scratching, sleepless nights, stress and worry is something else. I often talk about overloading allergens weakening the system. An overloaded system cannot cope – the skin being the largest organ often presents as red, raw, itchy, rashy and this can be anywhere on the body!