Flea Free Please

by Heather Murphy

Ahh fleas - such BIG business for such a tiny little creature.

The power of this little creature can cause havoc in the household, on your pet and for you.

For a dog with a Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD) just one flea bite can be enough to cause a reaction. Some dogs can be allergic to the bite (the flea saliva), some to the faeces and others to the eggs.

Itchy & Scratchy

For us it's the faeces and saliva that cause the allergic reaction. A Flea Allergy Dermatitis can cause horrendous outbreaks and very quickly a whole body rash - welty - red - inflammed - itchy - sore - can appear over their whole body very, very quickly and you haven't even seen a flea!

Free of the Flea

Check the underarms, underbelly, base of the tail (both sides), behind the ears to see if you can see irritations and look for tiny yellow specks (eggs) or black specks (faeces). 

If you see your dog itching, a reaction on the skin or a rash developing then quickly apply Eezapet to relieve that itch. Usually twice a day is enough to control the itch and thus control the spread. The faster the better as you want to break the itch/scratch cycle.

But it's the flea we really have to manage

How do we do this?

To truly understand the flea you'll need to learn (in our previous blogs)  about the cycle of the flea, how they live, eat, breed and poop to be able to combat them.

There are so many expensive products in the market but sometimes the expense can be more than just the dollars spent. We need to think of the expense to our pets too.  We have had many people contact us after their pets have had a reaction to conventional flea7 Day Treatments perfect  for the pocket treatments, some have even had burning on the skin - again Eezapet offered the relief needed for those shocking side effects from chemical treatments.

Here at Eezapet we think there are better ways to control fleas and in our poison-free household they have always been managed naturally.

Some of the best natural flea managements we have used are:

  • Neem Oil as a topical application - usually applied a couple of times a week - as a flea deterrent 
  • Bathing your dog with Neem based soaps - helps remove particles like eggs, poo, dead fleas, saliva etc
  • Spot check - look for specks on the fur or skin - yellow specks are eggs, black specks are faeces
  • Hot wash bedding and dry in the dryer - or dry in the sun for 8 hours 
  • Vacuum with a hepa filter regularly AND always empty the chamber outside!
  • Use a Pawtect flea repelling pendant

Most of these are deterrents, as making an inhospitable environment is key.

Firey rashes quickly appear

For us Bhindi will let us know if there is a flea near. For her the breakouts are immediate - she has a Flea Allergy Dermatitis and if unmanaged her whole body will end up red, welty and extremely itchy and extremely quickly.  Her ears will flare up again ( her allergy response weakness) and she will be extremely uncomfortable.

Better Ways

As we don't want our dog at the vet we are vigilant on our flea management, but the best thing is not to have fleas on the dog - we'd rather deter them from going to the dog in the first place, Thats why we got in touch with Sonja from Pawtect.

Pawtect is a great solution in managing the flea. The little pendant is worn on the collar (or we use a tag collar as our dogs don't wear their walking collars 24:7). Pawtect emits a vibration - one that the flea does not resonate too.  We think this is brilliant way of managing the flea - natural - harmless - effective - Everything us dog owners want.  Not only that but Pawtect deters ticks, sandflies and mosquitoes too.  We've had many dogs come to Eezapet for sandfly and mozzie bites over the years.

It's more cost effective (and for the health of your dog) as the pendant emits its vibration that lasts 12 months plus - and can last up to 2 years.

Pawtect pals

So again this is a flea deterrent not a flea killer. Generally if a flea does end up on a Pawtect dog the flea does everything it can to get away from the Pawtect dog.

We've been using Pawtect pendants for 18 months to 2 years and just about to replace ours.  This has been a big relief - particularly for Bhindi who has multiple allergies including severe FAD.  If you have a dog with FAD you'll know how stressful this can be.

Flea Free Please

For us the Pawtect pendant works well, the pets are happy being flea free and the pet parents are happy being free of the flea too.

Pawtect Pendants - natural flea deterrent

Here at Eezapet we only sell the best natural beneficial products for the allergy pet parent and as we love these pendants so much we now stock them at eezapet.com

Do you want to manage fleas naturally?

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Making our dogs fit and healthy is what we want to do to support their immune system. Without using pesticides we can support their immune system further by not putting it under pressure, nor causing an overload which for the allergy dog can happen - think of the straw that broke the camels back.

Managing fleas naturally can be done.

If you need further help combatting fleas in the home then read here for further tips on managing fleas in the house. 



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