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Blogs For Dogs

Here you will find an abundance of information on caring for your furry family member. For the animal lovers, the pet owners and those who love a cheeky dog pic, every now and then.

Birch Sugar, Xylitol, 967 – What Is That?

The problem with xylitol it's highly poisonous to our dogs and can be fatal if ingested. They only need a tiny amount to set off a hypoglycemic reaction.....

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Allergies to Allergens - 7 Triggers explained!

Allergies, allergens, allergic reactions and intolerances – the what, the why and the where.

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Can Wandering Dew make my dog itchy?

This is a question often asked and the answer in short is YES! It can make your dog VERY itchy!

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You are What You Eat

Sometimes you have to think  - what IS actually going on? Why the continual rashes? 

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