Eezapet FAQs

Tell me about your packaging

Eezapet is housed in glass amber pottles. Fully recyclable.

Our courier bags are Eco bags from Go Sweet Spot. These bags are made from corn starch and are fully compostable in the home compost or landfill

Our pottles are wrapped in corrugated cardboard wrap to ensure safe delivery.



How many times should I apply Eezapet?
We recommend at least twice a day. It depends on how severe the rash is, and how frequently your dog is scratching. Eezapet soothes the itch, so as soon as they start scratching again apply Eezapet to the area - re-apply as often as needed.
At what stage should I apply Eezapet?
Apply Eezapet at first sign of any irritation. As soon as you see a rash developing, or your dog scratching – apply Eezapet. It soothes the itch which in turn stops the dog from licking and scratching which in turn stops the spread. The quicker you halt the rash the more manageable it is.
My dog has got into my Eezapet jar, what do I do?
We have had one crafty dog open the jar and lick out the contents (twice) with no adverse effects. Eezapet is made from beeswax, oil and herbs so may make their toileting a bit more slippery!  If you are at all concerned contact your vet.
How should I store my Eezapet?
The Eezapet balm is contained in dark glass to help against light deterioration . Do not store in the direct sunlight, store under 30 degrees celsius.
My dog just keeps getting rashes what can I do?
Elimination of the allergen is important.  Often keeping a daily diary can form a pattern not otherwise seen. Note all places they have been, foods eaten, treats given, any interactions, note any rashes or itching developing. Looking back can sometimes highlight a pattern. We have over 30 blogs explaining various allergens with tips and tricks to get you through. View the collection here:
How did Eezapet start?
Eezapet was launched into the market in 2014. Heather's first dog Coco, was allergic to a number of things – beef, wheat, eggs, grass seeds, wandering dew, onion weed, fleas and flea dust  to name a few. In her first year she had 4 steroid treatments that were not working. Trying to apply vet lotions did not work as she would hide when the tube came out. Wanting a natural treatment to alleviate her constant rashes led Heather develop Eezapet.  This was Coco's life saver, whenever the pot of Eezapet came out Coco would lie down, roll over and wait for Eezapet to be applied. You can read more of Coco and her story here:
Who can use Eezapet?
Well asides from humans (as we tested on humans first!) - Eezapet has been used on many animals - dogs, cats, horses, donkeys, rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, mice to name a few. They can all suffer from the itch - and need help for their skin to repair. We've even helped birds like chickens and finches too.
Will Eezapet stain my carpets, furniture or my pet?
Eezapet contains  beeswax which gives it it’s pale yellow colour. Eezapet won’t stain your furniture, carpets nor your pets! Eezapet is absorbed into the skin where the healing process begins.
How do i know that Eezapet is what it says it is?

It's hard in this day and age trusting products and companies without doing the full research. Our customers often tell us "Thank you for making a product that does what it says it does". 

We have a money-back guarantee so you can buy with confidence.  

You can also read stories from our happy pet owners here

Do you sponsor events?

Yes we do! We are always looking for new events to sponsor.

We are annual sponsors for

North Island Bull Terrier Club,

The Mainland Stafford Bull Terrier Society,

National Dog Grooming Assoc NZ,

4 Paws Marathon


Pet First Aid & Training classes

Canine Massage courses

Other events we sponsor

Sled Dog Racing events

Scentwork Trials

We are always happy to sponsor events - so if you have an event coming up - get in touch with Heather at and we will see how we can help you.


Do you have a newsletter?

Yes we do! We have a monthly newsletter that is sent to your inbox.

Expect tips, supporting information, upcoming events and the odd special just for you

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My dog is intent on licking off the Eezapet balm, how can I manage this?
As all dogs are different,  some like to lick, some don't - we suggest applying our Eezapet balm before a walk, play time, training time, cuddle time. That way Eezapet has time to activate while your dog is preoccupied.
What are some of the allergens that can cause rashes?

Dogs are similar to humans in that they can be allergic to many different things. These can be Contact, Environmental, Ingestion.

Wandering Dew causes reactions in 70% of dogs, Grass & grass seeds are another. Dust mites, flea eggs, dust and fleas can also cause skin rashes. 

Ingestion allergies can be caused from high wheat content in food and beef is another common allergy.

Our collection of blogs are here for you and  highlights each allergen in detail - take a read here

I want to learn more

Become a friend of Eezapet on Facebook – where you can ask questions and learn more about life with an allergy pet.

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We have many blogs with tips on how to manage an allergy pet. Take a look at our blogs on allergens with links through to the main culprits. 

Or signup up to our monthly pet-care newsletter. Plenty of tips and the odd special for the allergy pet parent.

What else do you do in the community

Eezapet donates product to various Animal Rescues so that the animals in their care have natural, effective relief for skin conditions.

Christchurch Bull Breed Rescue, Chained Dog Rehabilitation and Rehoming, SPCA are part of our sponsorship programme. These charities also sell Eezapet to you directly.

Our 5 year sponsorship for Room 3 at the Wellington SPCA ended in 2020 and sharing the love we now have a 5 year sponsorship programme with Pet Refuge that started in 2022

A few of our Animal Services teams also use Eezapet to treat their dogs when needed.  

We try and help as many rescues as we can - email Heather at for more info