The Artful Scratcher

by Heather Murphy

Have you noticed the different ways dogs itch and scratch?

itchy dogs scratch

Do you have a licker, slurper, thumper, nibbler, rotator, scratcher, ticker or biter?

Often with the itchy dog we hear a tick, tick, tick or a lick, lick, lick or if you have a mastiff a thump, thump, thump as the leg goes crashing to the ground in rotation.  

The Artful Scratcher  

itchy itchy itchy pawslicking itchy paws Some dogs will be loud as they slurp away, others will do it quietly. Some will nibble, others will bite and some will throw themselves to the carpet scratching their backs and muzzles.
We know how stressful it is hearing the itchy dog, sometimes we feel helpless the stress mounds and we find ourselves telling the dog off. 


Benji loves Eezapet

But if you're itchy you're itchy and relieving the itch in anyway you can is what you will do - same for our dogs.

itchy paws

A dog that is told off for scratching, biting, licking and making noises we didn't know the dog could make will find other ways to relieve their itch.

The Silent Scratcher

Roxy was a hider - she took herself away so she could relieve her itch in peace. In her happy place she bit and licked away at her legs with no one to tell her off.

acral lick - itchy legs

When a dog does this it is called a 'acral lick' and usually it's the front limbs that are affected. Luckily Alesha had Eezapet and Roxy's deep set wounds were all fixed up in a month.

My own Bhindi has developed the art of the silent scratcher. Very quietly she will nibble away - no slurping for her - and you guessed it we have said 'no' to her noisy itching so she has modified how she relieves her itch.

Our poor dogs we don't mean to tell them off but we find ourselves doing just that when we are stressed.

A silent scratcher can create a mess in a short time as we know how irritating that itch can be.

Stop The Itching

Relieving the itch is what your dog needs.

itchy dogs use Eezapet

And that is the reason we have Eezapet. Not only does Eezapet allow your dog to be calm and relaxed but it stops the itching by breaking the itch/scratch cycle. By soothing their skin you are allowing the skin to repair itself.

Try this:

Have you every found a tiny nerve point on your dog that when you touch it the rotator goes (the leg goes crazy) it's their itch reflex

Pop a little Eezapet to that area, wait a few minutes and touch again. The area will be relieved and there should be no itch response.

"A big thanks to Eezapet - it has made such a massive change in my dog he no longer scratches and seems to be totally itch free and at last content, plus it stops my wife and myself from the worry. Pooch suffers from grass allergies,I don't know how many times we have had him to the vets and how many tablets and creams they have tried him with, which have never stopped him scratching.  We had been treating him for two weeks now and we have not seen him scratch once." Christopher Peters


Yoda loves EezapetWe know telling the dog off doesn't help but what does help is applying our Eezapet balm as you've guessed it  - we relieve the itch and break the itch/scratch cycle.
Eezapet was borne in 2014 for my own allergy girl Coco after continual rashes now thousands of pets use Eezapet which makes us so happy as Eezapet Petcare is on a mission for a scratch-free world - one pet at a time!
So tell us do you have a:
licker, slurper
thumper, nibbler
rotator, scratcher
ticker or biter?
stop the scratching with Eezapet
Eezapet - relieves the itch

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