Grass, grass a pain in the....

by Heather Murphy

It seems to be one of the strangest things but one that is more common than you think 'my dog is allergic to grass'.

How can that be?

We are surrounded by grass and I'm pretty sure we always have been.

Does anyone remember dogs having grass allergies through their childhood?

My dog has a grass allergy

The Allergies

According to Dogs Naturally Magazine 40% of dogs have allergies and although we suspect foods, environmental allergies are more common. Of course there are ways to support their immunity as around 80% of a dog's immunity resides in the gut. You can read more on why good diets are paramount for the allergy dog.

Whether it's environmental or contact the symptoms are often the same i.e. an allergic response or trigger and with the skin being the largest organ they often present as skin rashes, redness and/or itchy skin.

Environmental allergies are usually seasonal - spring and autumn - think things like pollens, which start on 31 August when the Pine pollens first release, then on to October for the grasses as they flower.

grass allergies

Contact allergies can be seasonal and all year round - think things like Wandering Dew or Kikuya grass which from contact can present an immediate allergic response.

When the grasses start to die off again February to April  this is when allergy symptoms next present. For a weakened system it can't cope - maybe their gut is under nourished, their microbiome out of balance, they already experience allergic reactions - their system is already working overtime and trying to combat another allergen it collapses, this is when skin rashes, itchiness, redness can start to appear.

scratch, scratch, scratch, lick, lick, lick

I was out walking Bhindi one day, going for a sniff her front leg knocked a stem of flowering grass and with that a plume of pollen exploded across her face! Bhindi had multiple allergies - all plants and pollens - so seeing this in action really made me realise that pollen is everywhere - no wonder our dogs suffer so much in spring.

Our Bhindi knew she had a grass allergy though and refused to walk on grass - she'd much prefer to walk on the centre line of a tarmac road......(and yes we live rural - couldn't do that in town).

Weather and Allergic Reactions

Weather plays a major factor for allergies - we have had an unusual amount of rain over the last 18 months which means wet ground, wet grass, wet paws.

Having constantly wet paws does not help the cause. If your dog already has sore paws then walking on wet grass just aggravates it further as it cuts through their toes.

Don't forget though with wet ground you will get wet paws and a 'normal' amount

licking itchy paws from grass allergies

of grooming is natural so they can dry their paws off. Don't be telling them off for licking unnecessarily otherwise they will turn into The Artful Scratcher . The problem exasperates when it becomes excessive - excessive licking is due to dirt, debris, saliva, irritations etc that the dog is trying to release, relieve or remove.

We know that many of our dogs are allergic to kikuyu grass and this can cause severe reactions. Kikuyu grass is very coarse, grows as a mat and has thick leaves that contain proteins that can trigger an allergic response to a dog on contact.

Always wipe down your dogs' skin after contact

Wash the paws

Use Eezapet as a pre walk barrier

Use Eezapet to give after walk relief also


The Foot Soak

Your best way to handle a grass allergy is to wash down after a walk - a foot bath is enough to remove dirt, debris and saliva build-up that may have happened on the walk, or overnight from licking.

We use a simple saline (1 tsp salt in 1 cup pure water) for an after walk dip. Ensure to pat dry the paws - this is when we apply Eezapet as it soothes and relieves sore paws.

Many of our customers tell us they use Eezapet a pre walk application also to act as a barrier so that the grass does not affect them on their walks. This is also a good way for the dog that likes to lick Eezapet - as it is on their skin doing its magic as they are walking - protecting and healing all at the same time.

Paw Soak Recipe

Here's another paw soak recipe for after walks to remove debris etc:

2 part water

1 part apple cider vinegar

Soak the paws for 5 minutes each

Don't rinse but dry the paws well

It is so important to remove dirt, debris and saliva build-up, if you leave these on the skin they cause further irritation and with the constant licking, biting or scratching a rash will quickly spread over the body with secondary infections occurring.

The Solution to the Itch

We know what it is like to have an itchy dog - aye we've had two out of three dogs that have presented with allergies. Hearing the constant scratching can be distressing as it is a constant reminder of their discomfort and evokes feelings of helplessness. 

three eezapet dogs

This basically was the reason Eezapet was born - to relieve their itch - soothe their skin - relax your dog so both of you can have a peaceful nights sleep again.

Eezapet has been used by many for grass allergies and for every other type of

An open bottle of Eezapet - it's  for itchy skin

allergy too. If it presents on the skin then applying Eezapet will soothe, relieve and heal. 

The beauty is that Eezapet breaks the 'itch/scratch cycle' which is paramount in getting allergies under control  - with two added bonuses of being:

  1.  a fast acting formula and
  2.  a little goes a long way

“My dog Jake has terrible skin and is allergic to a number of grasses. For years I tried all sorts of creams, and the vet had him on steroids but nothing worked. I found Eezapet through a friend’s recommendation and it has been marvelous. I’m normally the last person to recommend natural treatments but I recommend Eezapet to all my dog friends now. It’s brilliant, thank you so much for making it.” Ginette SpenceJake had grass allergies - Eezapet to the rescue

If your dog is having allergy issues try Eezapet and experience the difference it can make to you and your pet's comfort.

We have several blogs on all types of allergies to help you get through 

you can read the whole collection here


Brought to you by Eezapet 

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 because happy dogs make happy owners

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