Top Tips For A Healthy Dog

by Heather Murphy
We know happy dogs make happy owners because unhappy dogs make unhappy owners.

We also know how stressful it is having an itchy dog is - as we've had 2 out of 3 dogs that were itchy dogs!  So we know exactly how it feels - stressful, worrisome, exasperating and sometimes helpless.

So in this blog we will share some of our top tips to being rash-free.

Top tips for:

  • Grass Allergies - Wash The Paws: After every walk wash the paws in a simple saline solution - 1 teaspoon salt in 1 cup pure water (boil it, let it cool). Helps remove debris, grime, and saliva, pat dry and apply Eezapet.

Grass Allergies - wash the paws

  • Grass Allergies - Pre Walk Application: Eezapet can act as a barrier for the paws - great to pop on before walks offering the protection needed.

Grass Allergies - apply before walks

  • Dust mites & Fleas - Treat The Carpet:  Sprinkle your carpets with baking soda and a few drops of **lavender essential oil. (**Care if you have a cat as they cannot process essential oils). Use an icing sugar sprinkle container. Shake all over carpets - leave for 8-24 hours. Then vacuum up. This reduces moisture and makes an inhospitable environment for the little critters to live in. Lavender is great as an insect deterrent.

Dustmites & Fleas - sprinkle the carpets

  • Wandering Dew - Wash Immediately: If your dog has been in contact with this plant then wash off immediately! They must be washed off to remove the toxicity on the fur/skin. Pat dry and apply Eezapet - the sooner the better to control the outbreak.

Wandering Dew - noxious plant

  • Dust mites & Fleas - Air Their Bedding: Air your dog's bedding in the sun as much as possible. The sun is your best friend - it dries out the moisture which is the enemy. Dust mites need moisture to feed and live. Popping in the tumble dryer after is also a good thing.  And don't forget their toys  - dust mites can live their too.

Airing dog's bed in the sun

  • Dust mites & Fleas - Vacuum: The best vacuums are the ones with hepa filters. Important to remember after you have vacuumed to empty the vacuum cleaner outside - never inside, nor around your dog otherwise you'll have them flying all over the house again.

dogs outside

  • Licking - Excessive Licking: Some dogs have been told off so much that they take themselves away to itch/bite/scratch/lick in peace. Monitor your dogs grooming - a certain amount is healthy so don't tell them off all the time. A told off dog will hide away and can end up making a huge mess. As with most things monitor it. Keep the area clean and apply Eezapet. For the excessive licker Eezapet can be great if applied before walks or training time etc so that it has the 15 minutes or so to activate on the skin first. Roxy's self injury was cleared up with a 30ml pot of Eezapet.

Excessive Licking Roxy

  • Allergy Management - Daily Diaries:  Keeping a daily diary can help you form a pattern not otherwise seen. Write down everything your dog does, eats, touches etc. Write down when marks and rashes appear - Looking back can sometimes show you that maybe it was that human 'treat' or the dog beach or a certain park. Keep a daily diary it really is important.

managing allergies - daily diary

We hope you have found this useful, these are just some of our quick tips to get you through.

You can read more about each type of allergen in more detail via our whole blog collection.

Have a question? Pop it in the comments and we'll get back to you.


Eezapet for itchy dogs

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