Committed to the use of sustainably-sourced quality natural ingredients where possible, we also require testing of ingredients to ensure all our products meet rigorous quality standards that make sure you are always using a safe premium pet health product.

Beeswax: acts as a protective breathable barrier that both locks moisture in and keeps out irritants.

Sesame oil: full of antioxidants, Vitamin A and B, sesame oil has been used as a moisturiser for centuries.

Angelica: full of Vitamin E, promotes hair growth.

Cinnamon: has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for many purposes including skin blemishes.

Figwort: used externally on minor skin irritations

Peony: a skin care queen, the beautiful peony flower is a legend in the natural skin care world.

Rhubarb: full of antioxidants, Vitamin C, B and E.