Can Wandering Dew make my dog itchy?

June 03, 2020 Heather Murphy


This is the question that is often asked and the answer in short is YES Wandering Jew can make your dog VERY itchy! From what I have seen over the years about 70% of dogs react to Wandering Dew. (It has several names: Wandering Jew, Wandering Dew, Wandering Willy, Tradescantia are the ones I know).

Allergies to Allergens - 7 Triggers explained!

August 18, 2018 Heather Murphy

Allergies, allergens, allergic reactions and intolerances – the what, the why and the where Itchy rashes in dogs can be so frustrating.  Trying to pinpoint the exact allergen that is causing the rashes is no mean feat!        I’m often advising people about the foods and the difference in the brands, which are ‘clean’ foods and which are not. I frequently have people asking me what type of food I’d recommend for an itchy dog. Most recently, a customer came to me as he could just not work out why his itchy dog was itchy all over with no...

A Vet's best friend

September 14, 2015 Heather Murphy

  One of the many reasons Eezapet is in high demand - Wandering Willy, Tradescantia,Wandering Jew -call it what you will this weed creeps everywhere and anywhere – full shade, full sun it doesn’t care. I bet it would even grow through the dark days of northern Scandinavia! (ponders – ‘wonder if it does??’) It’s like a succulent – it doesn’t need much to grow in to get its strength.  Every node in contact with the ground will root, and so the cycle begins!  It’s invasive! Not only that it is a noxious weed that can give your pet nasty, itchy rashes.  Most...