Allergies to Allergens - 7 Triggers explained!

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Allergies, allergens, allergic reactions and intolerances – the what, the why and the where

Itchy rashes in dogs can be so frustrating.  Trying to pinpoint the exact allergen that is causing the rashes is no mean feat!

 eczema on dogs  mange on odgs underarm rashes on dogs  leg rashes on dogs

I’m often advising people about the foods and the difference in the brands, which are ‘clean’ foods and which are not.

I frequently have people asking me what type of food I’d recommend for an itchy dog.

Most recently, a customer came to me as he could just not work out why his itchy dog was itchy all over with no real signs of rashes – just constantly scratching – tick tick tick, slurp slurp slurp, thump thump thump and so it went on!  I recommended a ‘clean’ brand, one without grain and one without beef.

He moved to a grain free salmon based kibble and 3 weeks later rang me to tell me his dog had stopped scratching! His next question was ‘Why didn’t my vet tell me that?’


Overloading allergens


Sometimes with itches and allergies it’s the continual overloading of allergens that cause the whole system to collapse.  This can be things like a mild grass allergy, followed by a beef allergy and a mild grain intolerance – if your dog is already itchy then these things can exasperate the allergic reaction further causing the whole system to collapse.

This was the case of my Bhindi – my greyhound, staffy, bull terrier crossbreed.

grass allergies

Last year I decided to move all three of my dogs on to one brand of food. Also at that time (being summer) the dogs would have bones to eat outside - primarily beef bones.

Bhindi has always had a predisposition to grass – bit of a bummer when you live rurally. But Eezapet has always controlled major breakouts along with the practice of keeping the feet clean and dry and washing her coat to free her from dirt as needed.

Sometimes things aren’t obvious when you first look at them and it is only going back thinking of her ‘why’ that made me realize – I’d been overloading her – grasses – beef and an unknown allergen which must have been in her food.

I changed Bhindi’s kibble back to a grain free salmon biscuit in April. food allergies on dogs

Of course when changing foods do it slowly

add 10% per day so as not to upset the stomach.

About 3 weeks later we noticed the scratching had subsided and her paws were no longer itchy!



 Managing allergies


itchy pawsBhindi is always managed with her feet. They have to be kept clean and dry with Eezapet applied.  

Applying Eezapet before walks is great for Bhindi as she is protected on the walk and she doesn’t lick it off so gets maximum benefit. 

Bhindi LOVES to lick Eezapet (the only one of my three that does) so for her it’s always:

 “apply before walks”.


The fact that Eezapet quickly relieves itching is what makes it great! It rapidly soothes skin and aids healing.  Our herbs have anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial properties. These help in breaking the itch/scratch cycle without the use of steroids and hefty vet bills. The skin is soothed and moisturised and our herbs powerful properties start activating to make your pet itch-free.

"Highly recommend Eezapet. Using Eezapet has saved us a fortune in what used to be vet visits for hot spots and skin irritations. Works every single time" Pip Lyons    

Allergies in dogs can be so frustrating and at times you feel helpless.  One thing that can be of benefit to the dog owner is keeping a daily diary.   Looking retrospectively can show a pattern not otherwise seen. Take a look at all aspects of your dog’s life when determining an allergy cause – see if you can find a pattern.

If you would like more information on specific allergens then follow the relevant links below to understand them in more detail:

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We believe every pet should have the same right to natural healthcare as we do.

 Eezapet – on a mission for a scratch-free world - come join us! 

Eezapet for itchy dogs


  • heather

    Kate – thanks for your info. FYI It can take up to 18 months to build up an allergy to a novel protein. Also as duck is a close protein to chicken I would recommend not giving any duck products either. Thanks Heather

  • Jackie

    Thank you for your imformation, I have small dogs , and they itch all the time,This is the first year that it has been so bad.

  • Kate Melzer

    Chicken is the big issue for my cattle dog, he loved those chicken necks but man did he itch. Now he’s been off chicken a few years it’s also beef that he can only tolerate on the off occasion. I have to say raw food has made a difference, I recommend K9 and sensitive skin biscuit makes a huge difference. The Ezapet is good for his paws now in spring when he has a bit more licking going on, due to pollens I think? Thanks for a fantastic product, it’s my go to if he wanders among the wandering dew.

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