My Dog Is Allergic To Grass - Really?

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How can that be – grass of all things!

Grass Allergies

It seems odd but alas no, so many dogs these days react to grasses!
Grass and grass seeds can cause immediate reactions on dogs. At the same time that grass is seeding there are many pollens around and these can also cause your dog to be an itchy dog!  The spores from the pollens are absorbed into the dog’s skin and a reaction can present.

itchy pawsOften feet are the first to be affected –  becoming red, inflamed and itchy. Then the constant gnawing at the feet just makes matters worse – the fur between the toes will be a browning colour, with deep red patches and may display a couple of lesions from the constant licking, nibbling and biting!

Depending on the severity this can be transferred to the muzzle and again is due to the constant licking

The poor dogs don’t realize they are just making everything worse. They just know they are ITCHY and are trying to relieve it!


Kikuyu grass is one grass known to cause severe reactions which may be due to the way it grows as a mat covering the whole surface – with very thick leaves and tiny little hairs.  

So what can you do to help your itchy dog?


Washing your dog with a gentle natural soap when they are itchy helps to remove a build up on the skin, removes dirt, which can further irritate, and keeps the areas clean

Wash your dog after each walk   itchy paws

If only the feet are affected you can make an effective saline water bath like a trough – shallow plastic tray – filled with boiled (then cooled) water adding 1 teaspoon of salt per 1 cup of water. Swish the feet around to remove dirt but more importantly to remove pollens trapped in the fur.  Pat dry and apply Eezapet.

Eezapet contains powerful herbs that offer anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties, whilst also relieving the itch.


Relieving the itch is paramount!

It’s the itch/scratch cycle that has to be broken. Did you know that Eezapet relieves the itch within 5-15 minutes! Case studies with the SPCA also show that the itch is relieved for approx. 4-6 hours before needing to reapply.

If your dog’s feet are affected by grasses constantly then Eezapet can also be used as a barrier – as it contains beeswax which means that Eezapet is thicker than most other topical products so it can offer protection.  In this case apply Eezapet to the likely-to-be affected area before walking your dog.


If you have an itchy dog that has sore tender feet I would recommend applying before and after walks.


Other side effects asides from itchy, red, inflamed skin can be sneezing, red eyes, snoring (due to inflamed throat – think hay fever symptoms).  If you have all of these symptoms then most likely they have a grass allergy.  


Eezapet is safe to use anywhere externally on the body and has been used from around the eyes right down to the tail.

Like any allergy it takegrass allergiess time to get on top off. Along with time that usually means vet appointments, which in turn means forking out lots of dollar bills.  The average seems to be 400 of them!    In the US they say the national average for treating just Kikuyu grass allergy in dogs is USD400 per dog! That’s a lot of dosh and time!

Is there a better solution?  

We think so – and so do  many other people who have shared their joy with more itchy dogrelieves the itchitchy dog problems

Our Eezapet balm comes in 
  • 7 Day Treatments - 5ml 
  • 30ml and
  • 120ml sizes
  • we also have multi packs that save you money.

7 Day treatments - great size to trymulti packs save you money120ml large sizes

Generally our 30ml pottle will be enough to see you through and remember

a little goes a LONG way.  

One of the best things and what so many customers tell us is that dogs roll over for Eezapet – no running away from medical ointments that sting on application!  We hear this a lot from our customers who are so thankful of a gentle, soothing approach to their dog’s allergic reactions.

Are you ready to give your dog effective, natural, fast acting relief? - they'll love you for it


Eezapet helped Coco with a Flea Allergy Dermatitis

liquid gold

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  • Heather Murphy

    Hi Michael – Eezapet is a100% natural topical balm that relieves itching. Breaking the itch/scratch cycle is key to containing rashes. SPCA Vets case studies showed that itching is relieved in 5-15 minutes. so its a great natural alternaive in managing rashes.

  • michael

    Heather what is in Eezapet ? We were told that apoquel was what we should use and it gave him tumors so we had to get him off quick.

  • Heather Murphy

    HI Lorraine, thanks for your message.. He sounds a little uncomfortable to say the least – Eezapet works by relieving the itch and helping the skin to repair and breaking that itch/scratch cycle which just spreads rashes even further around their bodies. Eezapet is SAFE for broken skin which is an important factor. Our case studies through the SPCA vets showed that the itching is relieved in approx 15 minutes and the need to reapply at 5-6 hours. Eezapet was the only product that helped and calmed my own multiple allergy sufferer Coco saving her from steroids and me from vet visits.

  • Lorraine Brown

    My dog suffers all over itchy scratches himself stupid until he bleeds would like to know if eezapet would help him…..

  • heather Murphy

    Shiralee – Thanks for your message – you can purchase Eezapet via one of our 100+ stockists through out NZ found here:
    or if you prefer you can buy from Eezapet directly:
    Thank you Heather and the Eezapet team

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