Here Comes The Pollen

by Heather Murphy

For the last couple of years I have noted the first of the pollens to start at the end of Aug but this year already the puddles are lined with a fine yellow film. This is the pine pollen the first of the pollens to start aggravating our allergy pets.

The Yellow Film

Pollens around us

 There will be a yellow dusting on cars left outside. You'll see a

Pollens are falling

film on rocks, paths, decks and in puddles of water.   

And guess what they are all landing on your pet too.

Not only that but the pollens stay trapped against the hair follicle and with that the spores are absorbed into the skin - the irritation begins!

Weakened Immune Systems

Dogs that have weakened systems (think grass allergies or a food allergy / intolerances) are already under pressure internally - an allergic response is the nature of things. Weakened immune systems can’t fight off the new allergens and an allergic response presents, which can be:

itchy paws being licked
  • Ear problems
  • Watery eyes
  • Runny noses
  • Skin rashes
  • Paw rashes

Nibble, nibble, nibble is what they will do. The dogs don’t know they are making things worse but itching, scratching, biting, licking just spreads a rash further creating a mess. 

Not to mention the stress us pet owners feel.

A recent visit to my holistic vet confirmed what I had been thinking – that my allergy sufferer, Bhindi, is indeed one of their worse cases to date.

Somehow that was a positive and has helped me through. Bhindi is very managed for her allergies. Random rashes will pop up anywhere and everywhere.

Her management can be read here

Managing The Allergy Dog

Relieve that itch

Leaving a dog to scratch and bite only makes things worse. Little patches can turn into big patches, welts may develop, dirty paws scratch away at the body making open wounds, which can then become infected. And so it continues.

Washing off pollens is important. Keeping your dog clean, free from dirt and removing saliva build up is key.

Use a gentle soap or wipe down using a simple saline solution:

1 tsp. salt in 1-cup pure water
(Boil water, let it cool and use)

Use this as a wash or a paw soak.

Use a facecloth around the eyes, muzzle, outer ears, underarms, and underbelly to wipe down. 

Paw Dip to keep paws clean

Make a paw dip for after outside activities – use a bowl and pop the paw in one at a time to help clean – pat dry. 

It makes a difference keeping your dog clean as dirt irritates further

If your dog has become quite severe, smelling ‘yeasty’, is irritated then take a look here for a bath soak we use effectively.

Break The Itch/Scratch Cycle

While the methods above keep your dog clean they don’t control the itching and it is the itch/scratch cycle that needs to be broken. Which is the beauty of having Eezapet, as that is what we do.

Our Eezapet balm soothes, calms and moisturizes allowing the skin to repair and heal. By controlling the itch your dog can relax, making for sleep full nights for both of you.

Applied Eezapet last night before bed and this morning we are thrilled and amazed, the redness is almost gone, the inflammation/swelling has hugely subsided and the scabby bits are also very diminished. After one application! Shiree Lawson

One of the benefits of Eezapet is that it is safe to use open skin – which is key to an allergy dog, as often they will scratch themselves raw. If your dog is itchy or red or has rashes then try Eezapet.

Solutions To The Itch

For the dog with hay fever eyes: redness and/or hair loss smear a little Eezapet on your fingers and smooth over the eye area.

For the dog with itchy paws: apply before walks to act as a barrier from further irritations

Putting on before walks is also a good time for the dog that likes to lick Eezapet off (they are all different some do, some don’t) but you want Eezapet on yours dogs’ skin so it can start activating and pre walk applications are perfect for this.  

Eezapet balm - effective for the itch

Being a beeswax based balm it’s a little goes a long way with Eezapet so you don’t need to apply much to an area to see results.

Thank you for your work you’ve put into developing this product it’s awesome to finally be able to find something that actually works and it’s great that its natural as well and of course he’s enjoying the extra belly rubs in fact as soon as he sees me grab the pot he’s on his back waiting for it. Richard Lehrke

As soon as you see the first signs of a reaction apply Eezapet to that area:

  • Itchy
  • Redness
  • Lesions
It is far easier to contain a rash at the beginning
by breaking the itch/scratch cycle with Eezapet.
Yoda has our 7 Day TreatmentMaali uses Eezapet original 30mlSashie uses EezapetStaffies use Eezapet
Brought to you by Eezapet
Eezapet NZ's effective solution to managing the itch
because happy pets make happy owners

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