Be Prepared For Your Pet - 4 things you need to do now!

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The Prepared Pet!

Being in NZ, living on fault-lines, near volcanoes or flood plains really means we should be thinking of the 'What if" scenario.  Are you prepared?  Not just for yourself but for you pet too? What if we had another devastating earthquake - we've all seen the effects of Christchurch 5 years ago and the devastation that unfolded, with the hundreds of displaced pets.

Be prepared for your pet!


Living in Wellington (and right on top of the fault line) we all know that we should have a supply of water that lasts 100 days! That's a lot of water. Catching rain water is the easiest option to ensure you have a supply.

There are many ways you can do this

food grade bins - be prepared       catching rainwater - be prepared    Rain water tanks - be prepared

  • using small food grade bins
  • purchasing complete rain water tanks
  • catching water off kennel roof

So how much water does a dog need per day?

  • Dogs need to drink 28g of water per 2.2 kilograms of body weight.  
  • Use this calculation: body weight in kilos / 2.2 kilos X 28g = daily intake

So for example a 35 kilogram dog would require 445 millilitres of water per day. A 25 kilogram dog would require 320 millilitres per day and so on.  If needing to have enough water for 100 days then in the case of my own girls I would require 76.5 litres of water stored.


Depending on what you feed your pet will depend on what you need to store. If you are a raw feeder then a freezer is your friend - and even more importantly a back up generator to keep it frozen in the event of no power!

For me my girls are on kibble so there is always a 15 kilo bag stored in the shed in mice/rat proof containers. These are rotated so they are not expired. Also storing wet food cans is a good backup option too.storing pet food - be prepared


Spare leads, collars, bedding, ropes are also stored in the shed and in the car as a backup.  What if you were out in the car when "the big one" happened? At least there would be backup items you could use to help your pets.

Pet First Aid Kits:

You nEezapet - a must for the pet first aid kitever know what might happen and again its best to be prepared. What if your pet was injured and you were unable to get professional help? What would you do? Pet First Aid kits are invaluable and can make a difference in helping your pet immediately giving you the time to get to the Vet for further necessary treatment.

With Eezapet's powerful healing properties our 7 Day treatment size is a must for the first aid kit. Not only can it help with spot checks and abrasions it can also be applied to cleaned wounds as it aids speedier healing.


Pet first Aid kits from Vet Smart

VetSmart in Plimmerton, Wellington have put together Pet First Aid Kits so that you can be prepared in the case of an emergency. After experiencing the healing benefits of Eezapet it was requested that this be included in every pet first aid kit too.

Vet Smart Pet first aid kits include Eezapet

So now you can buy a purpose built pet first aid kit put together by a vet that contains Eezapet too.  

VetSmart Pet First Aid Kits include

  • Prep Wipes – large and small 
  • Swabs 
  • Dressings (non-adherent) – large and small 
  • Padded bandage 
  • Elasticated gauze bandage 
  • Adhesive bandage 
  • Cohesive bandage 
  • Sterile saline vial  
  • Sterile 10mL syringes 
  • Gloves (non-latex) – 1 pair medium and 1 pair large 
  • Washing Soda Crystal – to induce vomiting 
  • Silver Nitrate sticks – to (clot) stop minor bleeding 
  • Eezapet ointment 
  • Scissors 
  • Dog lead



VetSmart made Pet First Aid KitsVetSmart/Eezapet Pet First Aid Kits

Buy your pet a first aid kit here

Pet Identification:

When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005 - 50,000 pets were stranded, 10,000-15,000 were rescued but only 2,000-3,000 were reunited with their owners!

So this is why identification is something that should be filled out now, complete with a photo. You will not be able to do this in an emergency so it is always better to be prepared!

Download the identification form here:

Having completed forms and a photo means you have all the required details in one place (stored in your emergency kit for ease of access). This may well help you get reunited with your pet quicker.

4 things you need to do now to fully prepared:

  1. Download the identification form - print it, complete it, store in your emergency kit
  2. Have a pet first aid kit that includes Eezapet
  3. Collect rain water so you can be prepared
  4. Store food so you can be prepared
Be prepared, if not for yourself then at least for your pet!


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  • Dave Ropes

    Now there is another service that creates an emergency plan for your pet at…Register your pet with a photo and if that pet goes missing, you the pet owner are enabled with the ability to send out a photo amber alert from your cell phone immediately for your pet to animal shelters and animal control centers within a 30 mile radius.

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