Itchy pets – what’s that about?

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Itchy pets – what’s that about?

I often get asked : “Why did you start your business” so I thought I would share with you why/how Eezapet began.  

As with many start-ups they arise out of a need – and we were no different.

Eezapet really started for the love of my dog – or more to the point the love for my itchy dog!

I am Heather, director and the other half of the business under the umbrella of Soothfast Skincare Ltd which is striving for a scratch-free world.

I’ve always had a passion for naturals – I eat natural food, use natural cosmetics, use natural household cleaners and always treat my own ailments with natural remedies.

Introduce Coco – she came into my life as a rescue dog – a chronic allergy sufferer. Rash after rash, itch after itch, the scratching, the discomfort, the stress – it drove me nuts being unable to help her and it was driving the dog nuts too.

Red, raw and bleeding we would go off to the vets to find a solution for her itchy rashes.

Here lies the start of our business Eezapet - relieves the itch

There were a couple of underlying factors that did not sit well with meCoco the Eezapet mascot

  1. Coco was being prescribed steroid after steroid
  2. I didn’t take steroids myself because I knew the short term and long term side effects.
  3. After each course of steroids her rash would just come back
  4. And the final sign was when I reached for the steroid lotion Coco would run and hide in her kennel and not come out.

This got me thinking that there has to be a better solution and I asked the question   “what do people do for their itchy pet?”

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Our company Soothfast Skincare had already started in 2011 with the launch of Salveez our skincare product to ease people with dry, itchy skin conditions. Salveez had arisen out of the need of a mother to treat her baby for eczema and was the basis for Ana and I coming together to form our business venture.

So I thought, right, somewhere here there has to be a solution for our itchy pets too!

We conducted extensive research on what was safe to use on our animals skin and set about developing our pet product for the pet healthcare market. I had seen the effectiveness on using Eezapet for Coco’s many allergies – food allergies, flea allergies, grass allergies, wandering dew allergies, not to mention the hot spots!  

We had our volunteer testers, collated our data, had high demand from family and friends, we had so much positive feedback from happy owners – happy in the fact that they had a fast and effective solution for their itchy pet that broke the itch/scratch cycle.  The vets at the SPCA conducted case studies for us – so we know that the itch is relieved in approx. 5-15 mins with the need to reapply at 5-6 hours, this gave further support to the fast acting and effectiveness of our pet balm.

All that was left was to decide on a name for the solution for our itchy pets. Eezapet logo 

And in 2014 Eezapet was born and launched to the market. Eezapet has the byline - relieves the itch fast - with the Eezapet mission being ‘Every pet should have the same access to natural healthcare that we do.’

So the real reason we started our business was to give people and pets access to natural products that worked.  I get so much joy from seeing people use our products  - saving time, money and health!


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  • Geoff Smith

    This is a great success story. Using unique local high quality ingredients that are good for both humans and pets is huge! A great testimonial, if you will. Gotta get that message rolling. Very cool.

  • Kim

    I really love that you cater for both us humans and our pets, you have the whole family sorted :) great blog was really interesting to hear about how and why you started, keep up the great work :)

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