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facial excema

Chance – facial eczema

Chance – 10 days later    

Coco – random underarm
rash appeared
Coco – one application
– overnight
Morgan – raw and bleeding
from mange – Feb 2015
Morgan – Eezapet applied
twice a day – skin is
so much calmer.
 March 2015
Morgan April 2015
– no longer itching
so the hair is growing back!
FAD - flea allergy Flea Allergy Dermatitis    
Coco – starting on Eezapet
– 27 March 2015. More Info
Coco – raw from a
flea infestation
An 80kg Saint Bernard who has a allergic reaction to flea bites and has been known to eat his skin red raw, since discovering Eezapet, it gets applied at first signs and gone within 48 hours.

19 Dec injury before Eezapet

Paw injury on the mend with Eezapet



 photos left and right

I recently bought Eezapet for a significant paw injury/wound on my furbaby. Her recovery time I was told would be 6-8 weeks.

I bought mine from Abbeyblyth Kennels here in Nelson and it was a MIRACLE! Within just a few days the difference was significant. Thank you! This product is amazing!

Rochelle Marshall  - Dark Sapphire Pet Photography - (FB review)
4 Jan after daily applications of Eezapet

Hot spot Day 1     hot spot after Eezapet

Peanut has allergies to most foods and treats - her crusty hot spots were all cleared up  in just 4 days with Eezapet. Thanks Christchurch Bull Breed Rescue for sharing and caring for your dogs naturally




  22 dec 201727 dec 2018

30 Jan 2018 2 FEb 2018

ROXY is back to being her normal self again after a terrible time with itches and rashes. She had withdrawn (as you do when you are sick) and was not her normal happy self, she was constantly licking her legs - you can see the mess she made in the first photo from 22 Dec 2017.  By the 27 Dec the angriness had subsided but unfortunately it got reinfected with ocean swimming over new years. Back on track in January and by February 1 she is completely healed - Alesha is happy - Roxy is extremely happy and now annoying Alesha with her toys and antics.... One 30ml pottle of Eezapet was all that was needed to get her back to her happy, playful self.  What a great result!

  • Eezapet is the best product I have ever come across as a breeder of Stafford's who are low to the ground, get into everything and have short to no hair on their undercarriages making them highly susceptible to contact allergies, I will always have some of this product on standby to use as a preventative. It's natural, dual purpose (prevents and soothes) it works super fast, it delivers outstanding results in record time. Eezapet is superior to any other products I've tried, you need very little making it a very good price point and best of all, the animals know it as they want you to put it on!!!  Adrienne Nunns


  • I have been using Eezapet on my longhaired cat who had 2 painful heat patches under his neck which he scratched til they bled. Spending $200 at the vets trying to get him better didn't make any difference. Eezapet has dried up sore spots within a few days. So glad I gave this product a try! Victoria Mirfin


  • Tonka was bitten by a spider the vet confirmed, but it wouldn't heal. They recommended a natural cream so we got Eezapet. Within 24 hours the inflammation was reduced! Thank you Mikayla Sylvester


  • We think your product is awesome. We used the little Eezapet for Martha’s paws and it worked so well she forgot about her red feet, stopped licking and chewing on them and has been pretty good ever since. Any hint of trouble and on it goes, boom. Been great for us too. I actually used Martha’s Eezapet on a really itchy mozzie bite and was gobsmacked at how effective and fast acting it was, Go you guys for coming up with Eezapet. Natalie Porter


  • My dog Jake has terrible skin and is allergic to a number of grasses.  For years I tried all sorts of creams, and the vet had him on steroids but nothing worked. I found Eezapet a few years ago through a friend's recommendation and it has been marvellous. I'm normally the last person to recommend natural treatments but I recommend Eezapet to all my dog friends now. It's brilliant! Thank you so much for making it. Ginette Spence


  • I wanted to share some love to a product we use each week. When Oscar was smaller he used to get hot spots. I was recommended Eezapet and have been a devoted fan since.  It's 100% natural and remarkably effective.  This past week it's helped Harper heal her cut paws. Thank you to you guys for making this pot of absolute gold magic. Kate Yang, Oscar & Harper


  • A big thanks to Eezapet - it has made such a massive change in my dog he no longer scratches and seems to be totally itch free and at last content, plus it stops my wife and myself from the worry. Pooch suffers from grass allergies,I don't know how many times we have had him to the vets and how many tablets and creams they have tried him with, which have never stopped him scratching.  We had been treating him for two weeks now and we have not seen him scratch once. Would recommend your product to every dog owner that has this problem with their dog. Thank you so much for the relief that you have given my little dog. Christopher Peters


  • “Weeks of anti-histamine, antibiotics and no clear analysis from vet and my cat's face and ears were just getting worse. A few days of Eezapet (I had to wait for it to arrive from NZ to Spain) and almost fully cleared up. Plus she loves having it rubbed on. Meantime I can try to find out if it's a particular allergy without her scratching herself raw. Wonderful stuff!”  Kim Weston-Arnold, Spain 
  • Best natural product I have found so far to relieve the itch of my allergy ridden dog. Love it and so does she! Ananda Mohini 
    • We used Eezapet on our cat after he got himself in yet another fight and had a nasty bite wound on his leg and it seems to have helped it heal quickly and no abscess or infection (yay!). Megan Ebbhorn
    • Wow I was sceptical with the claim that it activates in 5-15 minutes but the results are too hard to ignore. My cocker spaniel Bailey suffers from itchy ears at the tips where they get all crusty from being a dog that loves water and rolling in the mud, no matter how often we brush or bathe him he always gets dirty ears, that end up red raw, flaky and irritating for him. We grabbed this pot last week and have been applying morning and night, he loves it as soon as he sees the pot he comes to your feet ready for his ear massage. The redness is gone, the flaking is gone and the moody dog has become calmer and joyful again. Kirsty Palmer

    • I had the committee here for a bbq and one couple bought their bitch as she has pups by my dog. The bitches feet were red raw, and apparently she has been gnawing at them for weeks and the vets are at their wits end with her and cant give her meds as she is feeding pups. I saw the guy tell her off, he was very stressed. I put some Eeezapet on her... instantly she calmed down, he kept checking her all night and he said it was the most relaxed she had been in months. She actually curled up and went to sleep. Kerry King, Australia

    • Love this stuff! My dog has Pemphigus and so far we have been able to avoid steroids with a very specific medication routine. About a year ago we got a puppy and the boys love to wrestle, so as you can imagine that soft nose skin just tears so easily. I have been putting the Eezapet on at night (once said puppy is confined in his crate) and have noticed such a difference in the health of the skin on Hercules' nose. I also love the caramelly smell of the cream. Can you pretty please make a bigger jar? Abigail Ratcliffe
    • Just wanted to let you guys know that I really love your eezapet balm. Our dog has a seasonal allergy and gets really itchy on her undercarriage. Previously the only thing that calmed it and prevented a secondary infection was the antibiotic steroid creme from the vet. But I trusted the reviews of other people, who said that eezapet is just like a steroid creme. And it really is a fact. It really seems to work just like the steroid creme I used before. It calms the skin and my dog always loves when I put it on her, although she dislikes other cremes. It doesn't make the allergy go away, but at least it lessons the symptoms and prevents my dog from getting a secondary infections. I am extremely pleased with your product and have ordered a stash to keep my dog happy for a while.  thank you lots of love Ananda

    • I just wanted to say thank you for the eezapet cream, I was not sure that it would work on my dog Gracie as she was tested by the vet and found to be allergic to 19 different things. She continually gets skin rashes, I think mainly from the weed wandering dew although it could be other grasses.  After 2 days of applying the cream we saw a difference then just 4 day's later the skin had almost cleared up. Gracie also suffers with lack of hair growth around her under belly it seems to me that it is helping with this also. Once again thank you, it's nice to find something that works and also importantly some one who understands.   Sue Clark

    • This product is incredible.. Our doggy daycare sells out so quickly our clients love it! We find it provides on the spot instant relief of itching & inflammation. Clients have come in raving saying after trying EVERYTHING including spending hundreds at the vets they've finally found something that works!  Sarah Gray - The Hounds Hangout Dog Daycare

    • Our dog, Kai, had a terrible rash/hot spots on his chest and armpits.  He kept licking and scratching the affected area, so it became raw in places.  We discovered Eezapet, and after applying it over several days the itching, licking and scratching stopped, so that the area could heal.  We'll definitely be keeping some Eezapet handy for future use. Sylvia Nichol - feedback via Nose2Tail

    • Works great on the tummy of our Jack Russell who is low to the ground and gets allergic rash from the pesky wandering jew plant. Bette Cosgrove
    • Highly recommend Eezapet. Using Eezapet has saved us a fortune in what used to be vet visits for hot spots and skin irritations. Works every single time. Pip Lyons        
    • Eezapet is wondrous! I've used it for around a year for Bella, our Staffy girl while we tried to figure out what was causing her serious red itchy rash, Eezapet gave her such wonderful relief over this time, and I made sure I had plenty in stock. Understand that until you find what is causing the reaction, the rash will not go away, Eezapet relieves hugely but cannot fix the allergy. We finally found that the Agapanthus plants we have everywhere were the cause. They have now been removed and Bella is almost completely healed! Yay! Thanks Heather for your effective and natural cream which helped our Bella so much.  Shiree Lawson  
    • Thanks so much, decided to try this on my DDB as she has allergies, hot spots and was itching like crazy and didn't want her on more medicine from the vet. Her skin was red raw when I came home from work, I tried this (she also let me put it on which is surprising for her as usually she knows if it is medicine and runs) and the next day it was cleared up. Thank you so much.  Lorraine Walmsley    
    • Love this product and arrived super fast. My Foxie reacts to contact with Wandering Jew. Goes red, almost like a burn and constantly itches creating bald patches & raised hot spots. I have tried various preparations to give him relief. Eezapet made a huge difference in 2 days.  Donna O’Donnell
    • I don't ever endorse products but I would like to encourage the use of Eezapet.I have fostered 45 or more dogs for the SPCA and other rescue organisations and have used Eezapet successfully on many skin problems for my fosters that otherwise would have had a costly trip to the vet.I recently had a sharpie/lab cross with horrendous skin allergies both from food and maybe grasses and unknown allergens. Eezapet was an amazing salve and within 12 hours the blisters,redness and swelling had gone down to the point of imperception.I am not by nature a huge "natural" person and have gone traditional vet routes but I have to say this product delivers everything it promises and more. This is a wonderful product.
      Rosemary Harris - Wellington ​          
    • Seriously this stuff is the shizz. Last year we spent well over $1500 at the vets on hotspots and this year all we have spent is the price for the pot of Eezapet.
      Chelles McIntosh
    • I love Eezapet's versatility!
      It's helped with all sorts of hot spots, rashes and skin irritations on all kinds of dogs I've worked with.
      Its my first choice in the first aid kit, and I don't have to worry about any nasty side effects some other creams can have.Sam Alderdice - balanced-K9 

    • I wanted to let you know how amaaazing Eezapet has been I was able to see it first hand with a dog that was so frustrated and In pain with allergies all over his body..big weeping welts and could not stop scratching (turns out he had wandering dew all through his section).. We applied the cream and within seconds his whole body relaxed he rolled over to let us put it on and was at INSTANT ease and comfort..Incredible stuff.Sarah - The Hounds Hangout 

    • i just wanted to tell you i have a boxer who suffers dreadful dermatitis - i suspect wandering dew is the cause.  He is miserable with his itch reflex going non stop a lot of the time despite the use of various creams and potions.  i remember seeing your article in the dom post some months ago and did a search and found your product Eezapet.  Bought some at SPCA on Monday - instant relief! Amazing! Thankyou so much! Hugo (my boxer) and i are extremely grateful!  Sally-Ann Murphy, Wellington
    • Thanks for your awesome products , they have been a godsend to my clientele, especially for Abbie, after a 3 week course of steroids and no change to her skin, your ointment, healed her skin beautifully and quickly.    Myrene Nielsen,  Shear Magic Grooming
    • I have a 14 year old poodle who has developed some lesions on the  lower tummy and groin areas. These have been on her skin for some months , having crusty edges and causing some discomfort resulting in lots of licking and cleaning.  I have tried other antibacterial ointments but have made no difference.  When I received my Eezapet crème I applied to the area and it made an immediate change.  After a few days the problem is now gone.  Great to know it works so quickly.  I own a grooming business and have used it on other clients with skin issues and have seen good results in all cases.  I have added it to my medical kit and have no hesitation in using it.   Jill Simpson  (groomer)  Pets by Design
    • As a professional dog groomer I can't recommend this product enough to my clients, I am a strong believer in using natural products over all the other nasties that dry out already dry skin. I have had amazing feedback from clients who have been unsuccessfully trying to cure their dogs skin irritations for years with no success. I am also a owner of a 80kg Saint Bernard who has a allergic reaction to flea bites and has been known to eat his skin red raw, since discovering Eezapet, it gets applied at first signs and gone within 48 hours. I can't speak any higher of this amazing product."   Gemma Purdie, Owner, Soggy Doggy,  Wellington
      • Just wanted to let you know that your eezapet is fantastic I did take before and after photos but unfortunately the before wasn’t very clear so not much point in sending those, anyway overnight there was huge improvement in my dogs redness over his belly and under his front legs  and has continued to give him more relief with daily applications, I had tried everything, diet, steroids..which only gave him very short term relief and of course shampoos etc. so thank you for your work you’ve put into developing this product it’s awesome to finally be able to find something that actually works and it’s great that its natural as well and of course he’s enjoying the extra belly rubs in fact as soon as he sees me grab the pot he’s on his back waiting for it.  Richard Lehrke, New Plymouth  
      • I have two dogs who get hotspots and after spending hundreds and hundreds on treating these damn things, I have gotten pretty damn sick of pumping my dogs full of drugs. Then I got given a free sample of this by a facebook group I belong to and thats when I found how AMAZING it is on hotspots and as long as I catch the hotspots early, I don't have to spend megabucks on the vet!!!!!  Chelles L McIntosh

      • Thanks so much, decided to try this on my DDB as she has allergies, hot spots and was itching like crazy and didn't want her on more medicine from the vet. Her skin was red raw when I came home from work, I tried this (she also let me put it on which is surprising for her as usually she knows if it is medicine and runs) and the next day it was cleared up. Thank you so much. I just would love to have a bulk pot Lorraine Walmsley

      • just a small dab where he was itchy and can report that the scratching stopped instantly. Unconvinced I tried it on myself - put a dab on a mozzie bite - no sting, no itch, and it did not swell up. So while it initially looks so expensive it is worth every dollar, it is a natural magical product and my Arthur rarely scratches - instead a gentle lapping clean these days. I am delighted to highly recommend this product its sensational.  Ruth Sullivan

      • Highly recommend !! Relieved my girl's hot spot within two applications and has really helped with her dry itchy skin.  Adele Tamepo

      • Have been using this since early last week on my cat and his skin is healing nicely plus I love how it's full of natural ingredients.Courtney Chalmers

      • Amazing stuff. Used once on my Pitt Bulls eczema, and the difference is incredible. Highly recommended. Thank you guys for a product that actually does what it says.  Emma Louise Gray

      • It may be a small container, but its beeswax base means it goes a long way, it's natural, it stops the itch and heals my dogs chronic skin problems on her tummy and ears, my dog doesn't need regular steroid and antibiotic ointment and I don't have to wear gloves when putting it on.  Angelique on

      • Eezapet was recommended by a groomer when my cocker spaniel had persistent hot spots in the height of a humid summer - it cleared them up very quickly and you only need the tiniest amount. Totally natural product so doesn't matter if your dog licks it, have also used it on cracked paws and it worked well. Very glad I tried this instead of getting stuck in a cycle of using steroid creams on my pup.  Louisa on

      • I bought this product for my Maltese puppy who was scratching a lot but it wasn't what he needed to help and I thought I'd wasted my money. Then our recently adopted blind Bichon/Poodle scratched a spot behind his ear and caused a nasty sore. I thought it was going to have to be a trip to the vet but I got out the jar of this and applied it to the area. I persisted with treating it with this even though the area looked bad for awhile. It worked, the skin is looking lovely and pink now and all healed and I've saved myself $$$$ with vet appointments and medications. It has a rather spicy smell almost like curry powder.  Pat on

      • very good my dog had a rash on both back legs from the clippers he is a poodle took a few days but all clear now Dorothy on

      • Our dog gets a nasty rash under her arm pits quite often and this stuff started to clear it by day two.....gone by day five! Beats using the steroid cream from the vet. Nicky on


      • I have used this great product on my Japanese Chin (Benji) and the result has been very pleasing, I like that it is natural and really works to clear up rashes and stop itching. Many thanks from Benji and Linda. LInda on


      • I tried this on my 9 year old Rottweiler bitch who had a section of leg that was itch and chewed it into a mess. got antibiotics but it didn't completely heal and she made it worse again. two applications of the eezapet that stayed on less than 10-15 minutes cleared it up. Its awesome stuff. Glenn McGregor
      • When Arthur first came to me I was alarmed at the constant scratching and redness of his skin – I thought a change of diet might do it and I have him on raw meat.  But he still scratched himself incessantly, I washed all his blankets, gave him the best flea treatment I could find and massaged coconut oil into his skin.  He is truly a beautiful charming little man and it distressed me to see him so uncomfortable.  I thought your product was expensive until I used just a small dab of it and the scratching stopped – immediately and continually..  I now have him swimming in seawater and I put coconut oil on his food.  I know Pointers and I am comfortable with their disposition, sometimes their nerves can play havoc with their skin and I wondered if a change of home and location could have been troubling him.  But I am delighted to report that he is as good as gold now just like your ointment – pure gold.  Thank you so much for your work to develop a natural and wonderful product. Ruth Sullivan, Auckland
      • I recently flea treated my two cats and my girl had a reaction to the new product I purchased. The area I applied the product to striped away her fur leaving a red, raw & inflamed patch of fur on her neck. I used Eezapet on the area effected and within two days the area was looking less inflamed and less sore. I used the product for a week and a half, I applied a small amount just to coat the area, I would say Eezapet assisted in relieving the discomfort from her injury but also seemed to speed up the healing process. Would definitely recommend for any animal first aid kit. Samantha Carline, Wellington 
      • Getting amazing results with Eezapet – great for heat rash – just takes the itch right out and the angry pink colour just disappears overnight.                        Willy Martin Elles Pet Centre, Christchurch
      • “I have been working in the Canine Team at the Wellington SPCA for the last 6 years, during this time I have witnessed a wide range of skin issues. I have found Eezapet to be a fantastic product to use on our pups and dogs. Eezapet contains all natural ingredients which is very important when working with animals , it is great to have that peace of mind that if they do lick the area where it has been applied that no harm will come to them. Another fantastic benefit is that Eezapet doesn’t sting like some other creams on the market. Eezapet is very easy to use and the dogs enjoy it being applied. I have used Eezapet to help with the treatment of Demodectic mange, contact allergies such as wandering dew, scratches, cuts and bites. In all cases Eezapet has improved the skin and coat, as well as soothing the area providing instant relief for the animals. We also stock Eezapet in our retail areas and do not hesitate in recommending it to our clients and adoptive families.” Rebecca Johnston, Canine Team Lead, Wgtn SPCA
      • “Ok, amazing. My jar arrived yesterday. My poor Staffy girl has been suffering terribly, very red and sore under her arms and on her lower tummy and inner thighs. Had tried several things which gave temporary and light relief then I saw this product on FB. Applied it last night before bed and this morning we are thrilled and amazed, the redness is almost gone, the inflammation/swelling has hugely subsided and the scabby bits are also very diminished. After one application! My boy Staffy had a few light red areas and his are all gone. What is this stuff??? Liquid gold is what it is. I know I sound like an infomercial ha! We are seriously impressed. And it’s natural! Many thanks” Shirree Lawson,  Auckland
      • “Our dog loves Eezapet! Being a staffie living rural he is alwas getting rashes on his belly. The only product that he will roll over and let me use on him is Eezapet…. and it works overnight.” Barbara Comeskey, Wairarapa
      • “Just wanted to say how great I have found Eezapet for my dog’s wandering dew allergy. It stops him scratching and making the irritation worse and his tummy is usually back to normal in a couple of days. I’d much rather use Eezapet than steroids!” Lisa Snow, Wellington
      • Review from another happy pet owner on Dog Friendly Wellington  –  James Nepia – Kuri Companion – Dog Walker
      • “At Nose2tail Doggy Daycare we only promote products and services that we trust and value. Phoenix our dog, is a great fan of Eezapet – relieves the itch. Over the holidays she developed a hot spot under her chin, within a couple of days of using Eezapet it was so much better. One of the great things is that it can be applied to broken skin. TIP Phoenix is food orientated, and Eezapet smells so good. We put it on her before we took her for a walk, that way she forgot it was there and left it alone.” Hazel Harrison – Nose2Tail Doggy Daycare
      • “Totally recommend this product. Used it on my German Shepherds tail where he had chewed part of it red raw. Healed up in no time at all and no return of that horrible hot spot.” Lynne Bookhorn – Pawfection Dog Photography
      • “Our dog had a dreadful rash under both armpits, we were suggested to try your salve. We did and it worked. Within a week it was well healed after numerous other potions which failed. So thank you.” Ann Schiftner, Wellington                     
      • May 2016 on vetpost  This product is the best cream I have ever come across. Was recommended it for my dog's hot spot. Instant results, I even had a insect bite - put some on the stopped the itch. Wonderful product - also yummy smell  Heather Thurlow                                                                                                              
      • April 2016 Love Eezapet. Use it on my dog who has food and grass allergies. She's completely clear of dermatitis now but about this time every year she breaks out. It's been a God send.  Sharon Pearson