Hot Spots Or Cool Spots

by Heather Murphy

Hot Spots Or Cool Spots

Dogs love cool spots like these guys from Soi Dogs - but they definitely don't like hot spots!

Don’t be fooled into thinking that hot spots only happen in the hot summer months. These intensely itchy patches can appear on your dog at any time of the year - winter or summer!

The medical name is  Pyoderma but they are commonly referred to as Hot Spots or Heat Rashes - regardless of the name, they will cause you to have an irritated and itchy dog!

These troublesome sores can appear in a matter of hours and without warning except for the fact that your dog will be showing  you the  symptoms 

itch, scratch, bite, lick, slurp, slurp, lick, bite, scratch, itch... 

and so the vicious cycle begins!

Hot spots are painful, intensely itchy and cannot go untreated.

Hot spots can appear as a red, inflamed, moist, oozing area on your dog’s body. They commonly appear on at the base of the tail, legs, feet, rump and flanks and look like a lot of skin pricks or tiny pimples in a small area, bald patches are created by the dog’s continual scratching.

Eezapet relieves hot spotsHot spotshot spots gone with Eezapet

Whilst heavy coats can be a contributor it’s not only heavy coat dogs that suffer with hot spots. Dogs with a history of:

  • allergies
  • ear infections
  • irritated anal glands
  • hair matts and tangles

can also be susceptible to hot spots.

Again as with most allergies, once a system is weakened it is often attacked further. A weakened system is unable to fight off the infections as opposed to a healthy system.
The problem lies when populations of normal skin bacteria grow that overwhelm the resistance, other bacteria like staph take advantage of the damaged, inflamed area, take hold and create an infection.

What you can do to help your dog?

Grooming your dog is very important. Trapped hair follicles against the skin irritate the dog - they lick to remove and this encourages the infection to become established.

Always groom/brush your dog. Remove any matts, tangles and/or knots.

Grooming removes dead hair trapped against the skin

When brushing the Eezapet mascot - Coco - its all the fine undercoat that is removed - and there is tons of it! She adores being groomed, it must feel so much lighter.  Not only that, grooming also reaffirms the bond between you and your dog - so should be done on a regular basis.

For an allergy dog finding the allergen is key. Whilst this may not seem easy there are ways to help you see a pattern - keeping a daily diary of where they have walked, eaten etc can form a pattern looking back.

Treating Hot Spots

The goal is to clear the bacterial infection, control the itching and relieve the pain.

With a high concentration of herbal actives Eezapet’s herbs start working both individually and as a collective offering immediate relief. Peony has a history of offering anti-inflammatory properties whilst another of our ingredients cinnamon is commonly known for it’s anti-bacterial properties.

Our case study data shows that Eezapet controls itching within 5-15 minutes, reduces redness whilst soothing the skin.  Breaking the itch/scratch cycle is paramount as dogs spread rashes quickly over their bodies by continual licking and scratching.

One of the best things about Eezapet is that it can be applied at first signs of an infection taking hold and it’s safe to use on broken skin.  

We have many testimonials  from previously frustrated dog owners that have contacted us in amazement at how quickly Eezapet works on hot spots. After spending hundreds of dollars at the vet to no avail, taking time off work, and stressing about the dog going to the vet in the first place,  they are happy to have found an Over The Counter product that actually works.

So if you are wanting a natural, effective approach to managing hot spots, skin rashes or to relieve YOUR itchy dog then Eezapet provides that instant relief needed.

We have over 100 stockists in New Zealand and for your convenience we also sell via our website- we ship worldwide too so feel free to share with your doggy friends overseas too.

Has your dog ever suffered with a hot spot? 

Happy pets make happy owners
It’s the Eezapet way


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