Itchy & Scratchy

by Heather Murphy

No, this is not in reference to the cartoon programme on “the Simpsons” but to the noise of a dis-stressed pet – itch, scratch, lick, bite, scratch, itch, bite, lick and so it goes on! The constant ‘thump’ on the floor, the crazy noises that you didn’t realize your pet could even make – not only does it drive you nuts its driving your pets nuts too!

It’s never nice seeing your pet ‘at’ themselves because they are itchy.
Scratching is the worse thing not only because you can see they are distressed but because their itching and scratching helps spread the rash further over their bodies! The licking can cause secondary rashes developing too (these can manifest as a blackening of the skin as one example) and so the cycle goes on.

Yes Elizabethan collars work by stopping them itching but could you imagine wearing one of these when you are itchy?  – imagine chicken pox aahhh you’d be doing anything you could to just scratch!

How do I stop the itch?  Introduce Eezapet our topical barrier cream. Not only does it relieve the itch, our ingredients have healing properties in them too. Applied to the skin it relieves, soothes and calms allowing the skin to heal, gives relief to your pet, which of course gives relief to you!  Aahhh peace in a scratch free pet.

Really. How does that work?  Well, we all generally know that cinnamon (one of our ingredients) is a powerful healing herb but did you know that it provides anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties too? Beeswax is an amazing gift from the bees, offering tissue regeneration and pain relieving properties. These are just 2 of our amazing ingredients that combined offer the relief your pet needs.

Eezapet has not only been a lifesaver to me and Coco (the Eezapet mascot) but to many other pets suffering from itchy skin conditions too.  Although Eezapet started off as a remedy for my dog it has now been used with great success on numerous dogs, cats, rabbits and not forgetting the guinea pigs and rats too!

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No more itchy pet with Eezapet – relieving the itch fast. Give relief to your pet today it's the Eezapet way!

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