What else do you do for the community

June 22, 2015 Heather Murphy

Eezapet donates product to various Animal Rescues so that the animals in their care have natural, effective relief for skin conditions. Animal Services also use Eezapet to treat their dogs when needed.  We like to support our rescues through sales and our current retailers for Eezapet include Chch Bull Breed Rescue, Chained Dog Rehab & Rehome, SPCA, 

Heather used to be Relief Canine Carer for Wgtn SPCA, starting off as volunteer and continuing through to fundraising events - (see her head-shave video on our media page). 

Eezapet is a proud monthly sponsor of Room 3 in the dog run at the Wellington SPCA.

If you have a community event then get in touch: social@eezapet.com

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