Who Actually Adopts Who?

July 31, 2017 Heather Murphy

I'm not sure about you but the dogs that have come into my life have all been adopted. It's only with the recent addition of number three that got me thinking “Actually who adopts who?” I always thought I'd chosen my dogs but now I'm not so sure. Number three definitely adopted us that's for sure! We recently moved out of our Wellington house and upon 15 minutes of us arriving at our new house this dog turned up - a little Foxie cross. He was super excited to welcome in the new neighbours!       The truck left...

They jump, we scratch - they leave, we still scratch!

December 10, 2015 Heather Murphy

Aarghhhhh its that time of year again when fleas are causing havoc on our pets and in our houses! So in order to help control the situation you first need to understand a little about the flea.....   Fleas, flea eggs and flea dust: Fleas eat blood... eggs eat moisture and dust.... and flea dust is the egg and/or faeces of the flea. I remember seeing 'dust' once on Coco’s hind quarter – couldn’t see any fleas but noticed she was scratching and had little speckles of dirt in her fur, which I thought was odd. Upon a bit of...

A winter excursion to Thailand?

August 10, 2015 Heather Murphy

Our Guest Blogger: Nicole Knapp - volunteer at SOI Dog Foundation Thailand That night while I scrolled through my newsfeed a link appeared and above it was the picture of a scruffy, dirty dog, its face crammed against the side of a cage.  I decided it was time to stop hiding my head in the sand—just because I turned away did not mean that they problems didn’t exist.  So through tear-filled eyes, I watched the video.  The images I witnessed and the condition of these animals is not something I ever WANTED to see.  But I NEEDED to see it.  And...