Mites in the Dust

November 01, 2017 Heather Murphy

We are surrounded by mites in this world, there are a whole variety of these tiny little creatures living around us and we usually co-exist with them fine. But when their populations overwhelm or when an internal system is stressed then an allergy can present.

The Top Three Reasons Your Dog Goes To The Vet?

November 07, 2016 Heather Murphy

Do you know what the top three reasons for a vet visit are? If your dog suffers from them you’ll probably already know!   According to VPI (Veterinary Pet Insurance) data from 2012 the top 3 reasons for canines needing a visit to the vet are:  Atopic or Allergic Dermatitis Otitis Externa (ear inflammations) Pyoderma (hot spots)   2012 was the first time that allergies have topped the list. Allergic reactions, or an intolerance to a particular allergen can present in many different forms: Undercarriage rashes Underarm rashes Welts Pustules, pimples, itchy spots Rashes between the toes Hot spots Ear infections Itchy dogs...

A Vet's best friend

September 14, 2015 Heather Murphy

  One of the many reasons Eezapet is in high demand - Wandering Willy, Tradescantia,Wandering Jew -call it what you will this weed creeps everywhere and anywhere – full shade, full sun it doesn’t care. I bet it would even grow through the dark days of northern Scandinavia! (ponders – ‘wonder if it does??’) It’s like a succulent – it doesn’t need much to grow in to get its strength.  Every node in contact with the ground will root, and so the cycle begins!  It’s invasive! Not only that it is a noxious weed that can give your pet nasty, itchy rashes.  Most...

A winter excursion to Thailand?

August 10, 2015 Heather Murphy

Our Guest Blogger: Nicole Knapp - volunteer at SOI Dog Foundation Thailand That night while I scrolled through my newsfeed a link appeared and above it was the picture of a scruffy, dirty dog, its face crammed against the side of a cage.  I decided it was time to stop hiding my head in the sand—just because I turned away did not mean that they problems didn’t exist.  So through tear-filled eyes, I watched the video.  The images I witnessed and the condition of these animals is not something I ever WANTED to see.  But I NEEDED to see it.  And...

Itchy & Scratchy

July 21, 2015 Heather Murphy

No, this is not in reference to the cartoon programme on “the Simpsons” but to the noise of a dis-stressed pet – itch, scratch, lick, bite, scratch, itch, bite, lick and so it goes on! The constant ‘thump’ on the floor, the crazy noises that you didn’t realize your pet could even make – not only does it drive you nuts its driving your pets nuts too! It’s never nice seeing your pet ‘at’ themselves because they are itchy.Scratching is the worse thing not only because you can see they are distressed but because their itching and scratching helps spread...