Be Prepared For Your Pet - 4 things you need to do now!

September 07, 2016 Heather Murphy

The Prepared Pet! Being in NZ, living on fault-lines, near volcanoes or flood plains really means we should be thinking of the 'What if" scenario.  Are you prepared?  Not just for yourself but for you pet too? What if we had another devastating earthquake - we've all seen the effects of Christchurch 5 years ago and the devastation that unfolded, with the hundreds of displaced pets. Be prepared for your pet! Water: Living in Wellington (and right on top of the fault line) we all know that we should have a supply of water that lasts 100 days! That's a lot of...

Itchy pets – what’s that about?

March 22, 2016 Heather Murphy

Itchy pets – what’s that about? I often get asked : “Why did you start your business” so I thought I would share with you why/how Eezapet began.   As with many start-ups they arise out of a need – and we were no different. Eezapet really started for the love of my dog – or more to the point the love for my itchy dog! I am Heather, director and the other half of the business under the umbrella of Soothfast Skincare Ltd which is striving for a scratch-free world. I’ve always had a passion for naturals – I...

Choked up on treats - 4 symptoms to look for

February 20, 2016 Heather Murphy

I was sitting in the lounge thinking “that’s unusual noises coming from the dog”. I looked back to see Coco pawing at her face, making high pitched wheezing noises.  I instantly knew she was choking! I opened her mouth and could see a large soft, white, sticky mass stuck in her throat – it wouldn’t come up and it wouldn’t go down – luckily it was within easy reach and I was able to pull it out!  Now they say never put your fingers into the mouth of a conscious dog but I know Coco and she easily allows me to manipulate...