The Top Three Reasons Your Dog Goes To The Vet?

November 07, 2016 Heather Murphy

Do you know what the top three reasons for a vet visit are? If your dog suffers from them you’ll probably already know!   According to VPI (Veterinary Pet Insurance) data from 2012 the top 3 reasons for canines needing a visit to the vet are:  Atopic or Allergic Dermatitis Otitis Externa (ear inflammations) Pyoderma (hot spots)   2012 was the first time that allergies have topped the list. Allergic reactions, or an intolerance to a particular allergen can present in many different forms: Undercarriage rashes Underarm rashes Welts Pustules, pimples, itchy spots Rashes between the toes Hot spots Ear infections Itchy dogs...

Do Dogs Get Hangry Too?

October 10, 2016 Heather Murphy

Ever had that feeling when you get grumpy for no real reason and then you realise you are hungry? Introduce hangry - quickly resolved with some food! So what do you think - do dogs experience hangry too? I've been having a few issues with my girls of late. Bhindi 4 year old, would start attacking Coco 10 year old at night time - and only at night time!  During the day they are best friends, sitting next to each other on one bed in the sun outside,    running and chasing each other (both ways) on our twice daily...