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July 30, 2016 Heather Murphy


Our Guest blogger this month is from a Professional Dog Walker, who gives us some inside knowledge of the dog walking business and the value it has for your dog.

James Nepia from Kuri Companion -

A day in the life of a dog walker. 

One of the main reasons I got into the dog walking was for the dogs. Having worked in the dog industry for over 3 years at that point, I saw a need for reliable socialisation services in Wellington City. Coming from a background in daycare, and dog walking in London, a dog walking company seemed like the next logical step. I wanted to try and do dog walking in a whole new way, something more than the walk around the block with one or two dogs. I wanted to give the dogs a true pack experience, I wanted to remind them what being a dog was all about.

James Nepia from Kuri Companion

Most of my days are almost exactly the same, and completely different at the same time. There is a lot of routine, pick-ups are done in the same order, to give the dogs consistency and routine in their morning ride with me. When all the dogs are on board we decide which park, track or city streets we want to explore. 

Big city dog walks

We will walk anywhere, from the busiest city streets to deep in the bush where you never see another person. Sometimes this means our dogs walk and run through some things that can give them allergies and rashes such as the weed called wandering dew.  To stop the reaction and soothe the itch I use Eezapet, a great natural product to have on board as we can use it on just about anything and know that it’s good for all dogs. We have used it successfully on everything from allergy rashes to scratches and hot spots, we would not be without it.

Bush walks with Kuri Companion

For us it’s all about the pack. Every dog has a place within the pack, and a purpose to serve. By giving our dogs structure and clear leadership we help them to learn how to navigate through our world in a respectful and happy way.


Dogs learn the basics with us, leash-work, sit, down, stay as part of the work we do. Teaching the dogs how to manage their own excitement and behaviour is vital to what we do. By teaching them this it means we can explore more, with more dogs off leash and everyone has a much better time understanding and trusting our leadership in regards to the boundaries and rules that are in place.

Our aim is to help dogs be the best they can be. So they get to experience more in their lives with their owners. A dog with manners and respect is a dog that gets to do more, a dog that gets to be a part of people’s lives instead of on the outside. 

dogs having fun on Kuri Companion walks

Maybe you want some added excitement in your dog’s life that teaches them at the same time?  Do you think your dog could benefit from some leashwork, pack time, learning some manners?  Joining Kuri Companion means your dog will look forward to their weekly pickup, their weekly pack, their fun-filled walks exploring Wellington only to be dropped home again dog-tired!

For more info contact James from Kuri Companion.  You will find plenty of amazing photos and videos on facebook, instagram and you tube

big and small we walk them all
Thanks James for the insight - your packs are a credit to your calm nature and I love seeing all the dogs practicing their ’stay’ whilst on walks. They truly look like happy, content dogs, Heather - Eezapet relieves the itch


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  • caryle jackson

    Aug 15, 2016

    Great article. I’ve seen James out and about and admire his skills.

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