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October 16, 2015 Heather Murphy

- or not so glorious if you have a pet with a food allergy!

Does your pet constantly have skin rashes and/or ear infections?  Skin and ear infections are often the first sign your pet has a food allergy. Research shows that most dogs that have inhalant allergies also have food allergies. Dogs can handle one allergen but their system becomes overloaded by several allergens all at once, this weakens the immune system and somewhere has to give. Generally the dog's response to food allergens displays as intense itching, scratching, irritations, hot spots and secondary rashes

hot spots halyed with Eezapetsecondary rashes

Sound familiar?

What are food allergens?

Food allergies come from proteins - both meat and grain. This is why it can be beneficial to cut one or both of these from the diet.  Beef and Pork are high irritants.  The reason beef is a culprit is because it has been aged longer than other meats. Bacterias in food naturally produce histamines hence aged meats have a higher histamine content - causing more reactions. Vacuum-packed meats are generally aged meats - think hams, salami, pastrami etc.

So how do I know what my dog is allergic to?Rawhide cow chews are beef

To help determine what your dog may be reacting to keep a daily diary. This can show a pattern not otherwise seen. Generally a dog’s dinner is the same every night but if you vary their wet food and/or treats then note these down.  Note areas they have been - parks, beaches etc. Note when the rash, irritation, itching appears to see if you can form a pattern.  Often revisiting the diary highlights things you hadn’t seen on a daily basis.

For us it was the realisation that the after-dinner-treat of a little bit of sausage given to Coco was not a treat at all. The next day she would be scratching with little pustules developing. Another common occurrence were rashes after visiting the beach - polluted waters?, polluted sand? We still don’t know but less trips to our local dog beach meant less rashes.  Grains in her food caused an immediate reaction of skin rashes and itching but ours was also more severe with vomiting which is an obvious sign of course!

Try the daily diary and see what you find.

Breaking the itch/scratch cycle is key. It doesn’t take long for a dog to spread the rash further encouraging secondary rashes to soon follow.  Its great that we all now have an effective product in Eezapet that stops the thump, thump, thump, slurp, slurp, slurp, scratch, scratch, scratch but without finding the cause of the allergen, rashes will just keep occurring.

More on grains 

Grains can be a common allergen that is why there are so many brands offering a grain-free choice. One company that stands out to us is a New Zealand company called Addiction Petfood.  They also have grain-free options but not only that their range is made in New Zealand with New Zealand sourced meats - both sustainable and free-range and are free from artificial additives, colouring and preservatives.


To learn more about Addiction Petfoods click here:

Happy pets make happy owners - it’s the Eezapet way


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